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Weglot - Breaking Language Barriers in Website Translation

Break language barriers in website translation with Weglot, the platform that empowers businesses to reach global audiences with ease.

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Tool Description

What is Weglot?

Weglot is a comprehensive website translation and localization service that enables businesses and individuals to make their websites accessible in multiple languages. It integrates seamlessly with any website platform, automating the translation process and simplifying the task of managing a multilingual site. Weglot uses a combination of machine translation and options for manual editing or professional translation services, ensuring both speed and accuracy in translations.

Why use Weglot?

  • Ease of Integration: Can be easily integrated into any website, regardless of the platform used, without requiring extensive development work.
  • Automatic Translation: Provides instant machine translations that serve as a solid starting point for going multilingual.
  • Customization and Control: Users have full control over translations, with the ability to make manual adjustments or employ professional translators directly through the platform.
  • SEO Optimization: Automatically creates language-specific URLs and is designed with best SEO practices in mind to ensure visibility in search engines across different languages.

Who uses Weglot?

  • Website Owners: Looking to expand their audience by offering content in multiple languages.
  • E-commerce Businesses: Seeking to increase international sales by providing a localized shopping experience.
  • Content Creators and Marketers: Aiming to reach a broader, global audience by presenting their content in various languages.
  • Web Developers and Agencies: Offering multilingual website solutions to clients efficiently and effectively.

Pricing and Plans Analysis:

  • Free Trial: Allows users to test Weglot with limited translation capabilities and languages for a short period.
  • Starter Plan: Designed for small websites, offering basic translation features and a limited number of translated words.
  • Business Plan: Suitable for medium-sized businesses, providing more languages, a higher word limit, and additional features such as team collaboration tools.
  • Advanced Plans: Tailored for large enterprises and websites with extensive translation needs, offering unlimited languages, premium support, and high-volume translation capabilities.


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