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Uncover technologies behind websites with Wappalyser, the platform that provides insights into the technologies powering any website.

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Tool Description

What is Wappalyzer?

Wappalyzer is a cross-platform utility that uncovers the technologies used on websites. It identifies content management systems, eCommerce platforms, web frameworks, server software, analytics tools, and many more. Wappalyzer is valuable for developers, marketers, and researchers looking to understand the technology stack of competitors or potential clients.

Why use Wappalyzer?

  • Competitive Analysis: Helps in understanding what technologies competitors are using, offering insights into web trends and industry standards.
  • Lead Generation: Identifies potential clients' technologies, enabling tailored marketing strategies and pitches.
  • Technology Insights: Provides a quick and easy way to know what tools and frameworks are popular and gaining traction in the web development landscape.
    Who uses Wappalyzer?
  • Web Developers: To gather insights about the technologies behind any website.
  • Digital Marketers and SEO Specialists: For researching market trends and competitor analysis.
  • Sales Professionals: In the tech industry, to identify leads based on the technology stack they use.
  • Tech Enthusiasts: Who are curious about the tools and technologies powering their favorite websites.

Pricing and Plans Analysis:

  • Free Tool: Offers basic functionality, allowing users to identify technologies on a limited number of websites.
  • Premium Subscriptions: Provide more detailed insights, higher limits, and additional features such as API access, technology tracking, and lead generation tools.
  • Custom Solutions: For enterprises needing large-scale analysis, custom reporting, and advanced integration capabilities with their existing tools and workflows.


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