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Stripe - The No-Code Tool for Online Payment Processing

Process online payments with Stripe, a no-code tool for payment processing.

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Tool Description

What is Stripe?

Stripe is an online payment processing platform that enables businesses to accept payments over the internet. It provides tools for processing credit card payments, managing subscriptions, handling invoicing, and more, making it easy for businesses to monetize their products and services online.

Why use Stripe?

  • Payment Processing: Stripe offers seamless payment processing solutions, allowing businesses to accept credit card payments, digital wallets, and other payment methods securely.
  • Developer Friendly: Stripe provides robust APIs and developer tools, making it easy for businesses to integrate payment functionality into their websites, mobile apps, and custom software solutions.
  • Subscription Management: Stripe enables businesses to manage recurring payments and subscriptions, including billing cycles, trial periods, upgrades, and cancellations, with options for proration and metered billing.
  • Global Reach: Stripe supports payments in over 135 currencies and offers international payment methods, allowing businesses to sell to customers around the world and expand their global reach.
  • Fraud Prevention: Stripe includes built-in fraud detection and prevention tools, such as machine learning algorithms and customizable fraud rules, helping businesses minimize chargebacks and fraudulent transactions.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Stripe provides comprehensive reporting and analytics tools, allowing businesses to track payment activity, analyze sales trends, and gain insights into customer behavior and preferences.

Who uses Stripe?

  • E-commerce Businesses: Accepting online payments for products and services, managing orders, and processing transactions securely and efficiently.
  • Subscription Services: Managing recurring payments for subscription-based businesses, including SaaS products, membership sites, and subscription boxes.
  • Marketplaces: Facilitating payments between buyers and sellers on online marketplaces, platforms, and gig economy apps.
  • Digital Content Creators: Monetizing digital content such as ebooks, courses, music, and videos through online payments and subscriptions.
  • Nonprofit Organizations: Accepting donations and contributions online, processing payments for fundraising events, and managing donor relationships.


  • Transaction Fees: Stripe charges a per-transaction fee for each successful payment processed through its platform, with rates varying depending on the country and payment method.
  • Additional Fees: Additional fees may apply for services such as currency conversion, dispute resolution, and premium support.
  • Custom Pricing: Stripe offers custom pricing and volume discounts for larger businesses and enterprise clients, with options for negotiated rates and tailored solutions.


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