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Discover No-Code Scraper: a user-friendly tool for extracting data from any website without coding.

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Tool Description

What is No-Code Scraper?

No-Code Scraper is a user-friendly tool designed to allow users to extract data from any website without writing any code.

It simplifies web scraping with an intuitive interface, enabling users to select data directly from web pages visually.

Why Use No-Code Scraper?

  • Ease of Use: No coding skills required, just input the URL and specify the data fields.
  • Adaptability: Robust against website changes.
  • Compatibility: Works with any website.
  • Flexible Export Options: Export data in CSV, JSON, or Excel formats.

Who Uses It?

Tech professionals, data analysts, and businesses needing easy and efficient web scraping without technical complexity.Pricing Plans

  • Starter: $17.99/month. Unlimited scrapes, basic tools, CSV export, email support, 1 concurrent job.
  • Pro: $47.99/month. Advanced exports, access to protected sites, basic automation, priority support, 3 concurrent jobs, basic API.
  • Expert: $179.99/month. Full features including all export formats, advanced automation, dedicated support, 10 concurrent jobs, advanced API, custom solutions.

No-Code Scraper is a great tool for non-developers needing reliable and scalable data extraction from any website, offering various pricing plans to suit different levels of usage and complexity.


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