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Ever thought about diving into the world of no-code databases? Well, you're in the right spot. Let's break it down, step by step.

No-code Database Visual representation

I. What is a No-Code Database?

A no-code database is a user-friendly platform that allows individuals to create, manage, and utilize databases without any programming knowledge.

This kind of tools empowers users to develop complex data-driven applications and automate workflows with minimal technical expertise.

I. Why No-Code Databases?

Digital transformation. It's everywhere, right?

But here's the kicker: businesses, possibly even yours, are scouting for simpler tech solutions.

That's where no-code databases come into play.

They're the secret weapon you've been missing.

II. The No-Code Database Showdown 🥊

1. Airtable, the Most Popular No-code Database

Airtable interface illustrating the vast range of integrations
Airtable Interface

Airtable is the go-to for businesses seeking a versatile and collaborative cloud-based database solution.

Illustration of Airtable: the Swiss Army knife of database
Airtable: the Swiss Army knife

A. Why is Airtable the Ideal No-code Database?

The big player.

From project boards to sales pipelines, explore Airtable use cases tailored to your needs.

Airtable is a widely recognized cloud-based database and collaboration tool that enables businesses to create and manage databases effectively.

With Airtable, users can create databases for various use cases like project management, marketing, and sales management.

Airtable provides a user-friendly interface with drag-and-drop capabilities, customizable templates, and flexible views.

It also supports integrations with other applications, allowing businesses to extend the functionality of their databases.

B. Airtable Pricing Plan :

Airtable offers four pricing plans based on your needs:

  • Free: No cost for up to 1,200 records per base.
  • Plus: $10 per seat/month, billed annually, for up to 5,000 records per base.
  • Pro: $20 per seat/month, billed annually, for up to 50,000 records per base.
  • Enterprise: Price available upon request.

2. Baserow, the Open Source No-code Database Alternative

Baserow interface
Baserow Interface

Baserow is the open-source choice for enterprises seeking GDPR-friendly solutions.

It brings an added self-hosting twist to the no-code database landscape.

Illustration of Baserow : the open source alternative
Baserow : the open source alternative

A. Why is Baserow the Ideal No-code Database?

The fresh face.

Open-source and with a self-hosting twist, it's GDPR's best buddy, especially for those EU ventures.

Baserow is an open-source no-code database builder that allows businesses to create and manage their databases with ease.

The platform offers features such as drag-and-drop interface, customizable templates, and the ability to create relationships between tables.

Baserow also allows users to create custom views, automate workflows, and collaborate with team members seamlessly.

B. Baserow Pricing Plan :

Baserow offers two types of pricing plan depending hosted or self hosted instance

Hosted :

  • Free: No cost for up to 3,000 records per base.
  • Premium: $5 per seat/month, billed monthly, for up to 10,000 records per base.
  • Advanced Plan: $20 per seat/month, billed monthly, for up to 250,000 records per base.

Self hosted :

  • Open Source : Always free ! Unlimited record.
  • Premium Plan : $5 per seat/month, billed monthly. Extra features available (XML and JSON export, row comments, row coloring, public logo removal). Extra views available (Kanban, Survey, Calendar, Timeline)
  • Entreprise Plan : Price on request

3. Xano, the Most Powerful No-code Database

Xano interface
Xano Interface

Xano is the heavyweight for businesses needing a robust and powerful backend, it steps up as the database builder with no-code API capabilities.

Illustration of Xano : the most robust database
Xano : The muscle

A. Why is Xano the Ideal No-code Database?

When you're eyeing a robust backend minus the tech migraines, Xano steps up.

Xano is a powerful no-code backend platform that offers database building and management capabilities.

With Xano, businesses can create custom no-code API and databases without writing code.

The platform provides features such as easy-to-use schema builders, data relationships, and user authentication.

Xano also offers a built-in API marketplace, allowing users to access existing APIs and integrate them into their databases.

Finally, Xano flexes its muscles with the option of choosing your server location. If you're sailing the GDPR compliance seas, this feature is a beacon of joy.

B.Xano Pricing Plan:

Xano provides tiered pricing plans to suit the varying needs of its users:

  • Free: No cost with limited features and 100,000 total records
  • Startup: $85 per month, billed yearly with no record and rate limits and extra features like backgrounds tasks, branching or JS Lambda functions.
  • Scale 1x: $199 per month, increase API & DB CPU, Load Balancern, 5 workspaces …
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing, Flexible Hosting, Sidecar Docker Containers, and Priority Support & Training

3. Google Sheets, the Most Easy to Use No-code Database

Google Sheet Interface
Google Sheets interface

The everyday champion for those seeking simplicity and familiarity, Google Sheets turns spreadsheets into a no-code database wonder.

Illustration of Google Sheet : the every day hero of database
Google Sheet : The everyday hero

A. Why is Google Sheets the Ideal No-code Database?

More than just spreadsheets software, it's a no-code wonder.

Collaborative, versatile, and familiar, it's the unsung champ in database creation.

If you're looking for a simple way to enter and view data, this is the perfect solution for you!

Here's a quick tip: simply typing into your browser will automatically open a new Google Sheets tab for you. Handy, right?

B. Google Sheets Pricing Plan:

Google Sheets is part of the Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), and its pricing is as follows:

  • Free: No cost with access to basic Google Sheets features.
  • Business Starter: $6 per user/month, providing 30GB cloud storage and custom business email.
  • Business Standard: $12 per user/month, boasting unlimited cloud storage and additional productivity features.
  • Business Plus: $18 per user/month, offering advanced controls and capabilities.

4. Supabase, the Coder's No-code Dream Database

Supabase interface
Supabase Interface

Supabase is the open-source gem for tech enthusiasts and coders alike.

It is an SQL-powered no-code database solution.

Illustration of Supabase : The coder's sweetheart
Supabase : The coder's sweetheart

A. Why is Supabase the Ideal No-code Database?

Open source, SQL powered, and a direct hit to Firebase, Supabase is the no-code database builder with a coder's heart. Supabase is an open-source Firebase alternative. It is a full backend platform built around PostgreSQL that caters to both no-code enthusiasts and hardcore coders alike.

With Supabase, you can effortlessly spin up a backend, complete with authentication, APIs, and databases. It has a friendly, intuitive interface that makes database design a breeze.

The platform offers real-time subscriptions, auto-generated APIs, user management and more, right out of the box.

Supabase's open-source nature means you're always in control, and with its strong focus on SQL, it's a powerful tool in the right hands.

But the best part? It's completely free to start, and its paid plans are competitively priced.

B. Supabase Pricing Plan:

Supabase offers an attractive pricing model:

  • Free: Unlimited API requests, 500 MB database space, 50,000 monthly active users, 1 GB file storage, Community support
  • Pro: $25/month, providing 8GB database storage, 100,000 monthly active users, 250 GB bandwidth, 100 GB file storage, Email support, Daily backups stored for 7 days.
  • Teams: $599/month, providing SOC2, HIPAA available as paid add-on, Read only and Billing member roles, SSO for Supabase Dashboard, Priority email support & SLAs, Daily backups stored for 14 days
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing, with custom database storage, unlimited real-time messages, and unlimited API calls.

No-code Databases : Wrapping It Up 🎁

So, where do you stand? No-code databases aren't just a passing phase.

They're a full-blown movement.

Whether you're vibing with Baserow, geeking out on Airtable, powering through with Xano, finding comfort in Google Sheets, or exploring with Supabase, there's a universe of potential at your fingertips.

Jump in, discover, and always remember: in the no-code realm, you're the captain.

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